Monday, November 11, 2013

Reading Schedule for F BLOCK...

Homework F Block:

Week of Nov. 11th

For Tuesday - Read through 175.

In Class Tuesday - "Pop quiz" on reading - Beginning reading for Wednesday...

For Wednesday - Read 176 through 201 - Finish Part II.

In Class Wednesday - Short quiz on end of Part II. Wordly Wise Chapter 5 Vocabulary with partners. All exercises.

For Class Thursday - Read 205 through 224 (and Chapter 5 of Wordly Wise if you don't finish all the exercises in class).

For Class Friday - Read 225 through 244 (1st half of the last chapter in Part III)

Week of Nov. 18th

For Class Tuesday (drop F Block) - Read 245 through 258 (2nd half of the last chapter in Part III).

In Class Tuesday - Short quiz on Part III. Worldly Wise Chapter 6 Vocabulary with partners.

For Wednesday - Read 261 through 275.

For Thursday - Read 276 through 288.

For Friday - Read 289 through 309.

Week of Nov. 25th

For Monday - Read 310 through 325 - FINISH THE BOOK!

In Class Monday - TEST on the ENTIRE BOOK

Tuesday - Review results of Test - then.... HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING BREAK! 

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