Friday, September 6, 2013

TGIF (Day 2)

Working Agenda:

1. Start to Discuss "A&P": Considering the stereotypes about girls and boys.
How are the girls judged?

Your group's notes need to be emailed to Mr. O'Brien by Tuesday.

2. Share format of summer reading quest on MONDAY!

Z-BLOCK you will drop and have your BIO LAB and take your test on TUESDAY!

Summer Reading Quest on Priceless
III Form
50 Points

1. Multiple Choice (10 points)

2. Short Answer (10 points) – Write two detailed sentences in response to 5 of the following 6 questions.  
Your sentences should give specifics to show that you read the book!

3. Passages (25 points) - Answer 2 of the following in 4-5 sentences each.

4.  Reader Response (5 points)

3. Student discussion groups of Priceless

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