Friday, October 18, 2013

A Busy Week! Homework for the weekend:

For Monday, please read through Chapter 4 - for most of you that is pages 3-41. Some of you have fallen behind already on the reading. You need to catch up and keep pace.

Therefore, get a jump start...

For Tuesday, you will need to READ through Chapter 5 - pages 42-75.
(We will read some in class on Monday.)

If you missed class, be sure that you are adding new names to your character list that you have started in your notebook.

Be sure you know ALL the characters - as well as significant details, physical descriptions, Acute or Chronic, etc.

We will have a Who's Who? Quiz on the characters and key vocabulary next week.
Be sure to annotate.

FYI - These are the links we watched in class:

Ken Kesey’s First LSD Trip Animated

Plus the trailer to the story about Ken Kesey's Magic Trip

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