Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prepare for your Short Story Test - TUESDAY!

Videos of the presentations today:

Z Block Review

F Block Review Part I

F Block Review Part II

This Tuesday, October 8th...

Both FORM III sections will have a TEST on the short stories.

Test Format:

Part I: Author’s biography: Name that author
 Match the author to the short story title plus any significant details, quotes, etc.

Part II.  Quote Identification: Who said that? 
 Short quotes from the six stories; there will be a list of characters to help your cause.

Part III. Passage analysis and annotation of six passages: identify the story, the speaker, the audience, and annotate (underline and identify) any significance in terms of themes, symbolism, figurative language, tone, irony, or style.

Part IV: Write a paragraph about one of the passages above. Be sure to incorporate quotes from the text in your paragraph. We will review paragraphs on Monday!

Paragraph outline:

1. Topic sentence.
2. Set up quote properly.
3. Embed quote correctly.     

Ex. with a question mark: 
Connie says, "Hey, how old are you?"(590).

Ex. with a period: 
Arnold replies, "Or maybe a coupla years older, I'm eighteen"(590).

4. Paraphrase and analyze.

5. Set up a second quote.
6. Embed quote.
7. Paraphrase and analyze.

(You may wish to incorporate a third if it is relevant - repeat steps 2, 3,4)
8. Conclusion.

Short Story Study Guide! See our Form III GoogleSite:

There you will find student notes on attached WORD doc.

Just for fun - a quote:

“If we're lucky, writer and reader alike, we'll finish the last line or two of a short story and then just sit for a minute, quietly. Ideally, we'll ponder what we've just written or read; maybe our hearts or intellects will have been moved off the peg just a little from where they were before. Our body temperature will have gone up, or down, by a degree. Then, breathing evenly and steadily once more, we'll collect ourselves, writers and readers alike, get up, "created of warm blood and nerves" as a Chekhov character puts it, and go on to the next thing: Life. Always life.” 
― Raymond CarverCall If You Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Other Prose

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