Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HWK - this week

Tuesday: Poetry Terms Test

Wednesday: Poem of Choice - Post and Bring HARD COPY of YOUR POEM

Thursday: In Computer Lab - Work on Presentations

Friday: Poetry Presentations begin... Volunteers to go first?

Poem of Choice - Due Wednesday.
Post to your poetry blog, 
and a printed HARD COPY - BEFORE CLASS!

Apply the elements of poetry including figurative language and the senses to create imagery:

            G = gustatory (taste)
            O = organic (internal sensation)
A = auditory (sound)
            T = tactile (touch)       
V = visual
            O = olfactory (smell)
            K = kinesthetic (movement)

Consider the choices you make in terms of the structure of the poem (stanzas, line breaks, format) and the sounds of the words (alliteration, consonance, assonance plus connotation and denotation).

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