Monday, April 21, 2014

Poetry Presentations

For your poetry Presentation of 5-7 minutes, you are required to present...

1. your poem and
2. your poet;
3. however, you must have a digital visual medium - PowerPoint, iMovie, Prezi, etc.

The options in terms of which digital visual medium are up to you.

You can give an oral presentation with PowerPoint Slides - or go further and make a Prezi or iMovie.

You must post your presentation to your blog - and YouTube if need be.

The order is up to you: What works best for you?

You can talk poem, then bio,  and explain the poem - or

Explain the poem, share the poem, and teach us about the poet.

Bottom line question: In 5-7 minutes, what do you want us to know
about your poet
and poem that makes both more interesting to your classmates?

Questions to Consider:

  • Where did your poet grow up?
  • Where did your poet go to school?
  • What inspired your poet to write poetry? 
  • How does your poet define poetry? What is his or her ars peotica?
  • What other poets influenced your poet to write poetry?
  • Who has your poet influenced? 
  • Was your poet a part of a school or movement? See this Poetry Timeline.

On your blog, post links to the biography of your poet - curate a few interesting points with hyperlinks.

  • Note the imagery and symbolism: select images 
  • Note the theme and motifs
  • Note the figurative language:
  • Note the alliteration, assonance, consonance, meter 
  • Note the allusions or references
  • Note the rhyme scheme, form, enjambment etc.
  • Note the tone - and shifts in tone

If you're looking for inspiration or "How to" Videos....Google it - and check youtube!
Tremendous resources are available! 
If you find a good one, please email it and I will share it below...

Thanks to Ashley for sharing: 

Need help with Prezi? 

Here's a good video that I discovered via Twitter:

Some inspiration of video with words:


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