Thursday, May 8, 2014

For Friday - the Computer Lab!

Just a reminder...

Friday, May 9th – In Class:  Computer Labs 
F Block 201 - 810am
Z Block 203 - 1105am

For Friday – 
1. Read The House on Mango Street - pages 26-48 (22 pages) 
If you don't have the book(yet), download this PDF (Thanks to Ed)
2. Review sentence styling (see previous posts).
3. Submit your Form Poem (Poem#4
POST to your blog - and give me a HARD COPY  (if you have haven't already).

In - Class: Review Subject -Verb Agreement and Pronouns - 

Quiz 1Quiz 2
Pronoun and Tense Consistency
Pronoun UsageMore Pronoun UsageReference and Case of Pronouns

FINAL -s on Word Endings

Quiz on That, Which, and Who

For Monday - The House on Mango Street pages 49-83 (34 pages)

As you read The House on Mango Street, ANNOTATE the following: 
  • characters
  • themes
  • poetic elements - imagery (GOATVOK), figurative language, alliteration, etc. 
  • quotation marks for dialogue
  • vernacular - that is grammatically incorrect - pronouns, double negatives, etc. 
YES, I will check your annotations next week!

More Context for The House of Mango Street 
My mother says when I grow older my dusty hair will settle and my blouse will learn to stay clean, but I have decided not to grow up tame like the others who lay their necks on the threshold waiting for the ball and chain. In the movies there is always one with red red lips who is beautiful and cruel. She is the one who drives men crazy and laughs them all the way. Her power is her own. She will not give it away.
          — The House on Mango Street

Biography / Criticism

Sandra Cisneros did not have a "normal" childhood. "As a person growing up in a society where the class norm was superimposed on a television screen, I couldn't understand why our home wasn't all green lawns and white wood like the ones in `Leave It To Beaver' and 'Father Knows Best'" (Ghosts 72). She wanted desperately to believe that her poverty was just a temporary situation, so she looked toward stories to escape. There was a book called The Little House that she checked out of the library over and over again. The house in the story was her dream house because it was one house for one family, and it was permanent and stable. READ MORE

The Role of TV - How does TV influence Esperanza? 
What is "Leave It to Beaver?" 

Guess who sponsored Father Knows Best?

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