Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reading Schedule: The House on Mango Street

What was the inspiration for The House on Mango Street? 
Watch this video about the author Sandra Cisneros:

Reading Schedule: The House on Mango Street
Wednesday, May 7th –In Class: Poetry Test
For Thursday – Read and Annotate pp. 3-25 (22 pages)
Optional practice: Interactive Grammar Exam (it's much harder than the exam you will take next week.)

Thursday, May 8th - In Class:
and Intro to The House on Mango Street
For Friday – Read 26-48 (22 pages) and review sentence styling
Interactive practice: Quiz on Punctuation
Another Quiz on Punctuation
Repairing Run-on Sentences
Review of Punctuation

Friday, May 9th – In Class:  Computer Labs (F Block 201 810am/Z Block 203)
Submit your Form Poem (Poem#4 - if you have haven't already) 
Review Subject -Verb Agreement and Pronouns - 
Quiz 1, Quiz 2
Pronoun and Tense Consistency
Pronoun Usage, More Pronoun Usage, Reference and Case of Pronouns
FINAL -s on Word Endings
Quiz on That, Which, and Who

For Monday - pp. 49-83 (34 pages)

Monday, May 12th – In Class
More Grammar Review
Fragments and Types of Sentences 
For Tuesday - Study For Grammar Test
See these interactive practice quizzes - what are your weak areas? 

While these are not the test, need to know...
Parallel Structures, Commonly Confused, It's/its and there/they're/their etc. 

Tuesday, May 13th – In Class: Grammar Test
For Wednesday:
F block Review The House on Mango Street
(D-Block Drops - Review/Read The House on Mango Street)

Wednesday, May 14th – In Class:
For Thursday - pp. 84-93 (9 pages)

Thursday, May 15th – In Class:
For Friday pp. 94-110 (15 pages) – Finish the book

Friday, May 16th – In Class:
Review The House on Mango Street

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