Monday, January 27, 2014

For Wednesday (Drop Tuesday)


1. Short Journal on Prophesy (see handout)

2. READ: ACT I, Scenes 6 & 7

3. Review: Macbeth ACT I for TEST THURSDAY

4. Study: Vocab Lesson 7 in Wordly Wise (I recommend using your workbook, but it is not required.)

5. Study: Macbeth Vocab ACT I 

Test Thursday: ACT I plus Vocab
A. Matching Vocab - Macbeth and Wordly Wise
B. Quote ID
C. Short Answer
D. Passage analysis

Very Important that you study and understand the play!

READ! And take recommendations to heart, such as listening and watching the play at home.

See previous posts!

Review: Who's line is it?

Note: You can open drop down menu for "Choose a Study Mode"

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