Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homework for Friday...

Good work today on your test!

For homework: 

1. Watch the first 32 minutes of the play (Act I):

2. Have your book open as you watch the play. 
Feel free to pause it.

3. ANNOTATE in YOUR BOOK: FIND 3 interesting moments within scenes - be specific - in terms of acting, directing, cinematography, or simply what is different between the play and the movie? Are any lines cut? 
Consider the choices that were made in translating the play to film. 

Tomorrow (Friday) we will meet in Computer lab 201. 
You will select a character to write a 1st person Journal (like Cuckoo's Nest) about Act I.  You will have to select at least two quotes to meditate upon in writing.  

We will also discuss differences between the play and the film. 

FYI - I recommend clicking the Macbeth link above - and NOT bouncing back and forth to other windows or websites because the video might jam; therefore, close other window, tabs, apps, and please put your phone away :) Focus and enjoy the film!

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