Friday, January 31, 2014

Journal Entry #1 Due Monday

To help your Shakespearian tone for your journal, check out wikihow: Speak like Shakespeare!

Today you selected a character from Macbeth so you can write a 1st person perspective from that character's point of view. 

You must have two quotes - they can be by your character, about your character, or heard (via the grapevine) by your character.

Blend/Frame the quotes.

Don't start a paragraph with a quote or end a paragraph with a quote.

If you have questions on when to use a block quote...and when not to use a block quote.
(See the links above for helpful info). 

Be sure to cite them:  "quote!"(1.5.26-27)  

                            The 1 (the first number) is for the Act, the 5 represents the Scene, and lines 26-27.

MLA Format

Length: 1.3 page minimum to 2 pages maximum.

If you didn't watch the PBS film, please try again. 

Also, you may enjoy watching these films if you have time this weekend:

And this is on NETFLIX:

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