Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Macbeth Vocab Test Next Wednesday


For Wednesday: Continue Reading Act III Scenes 3 & 4
Again annotate and ask 3 questions in your book/notes.

In class, tomorrow and Tuesday we will ACT and DISCUSS!

Feel free to watch any of the film versions to help your understanding (See previous posts).
We will not be watching the play in class anymore - I expect you to watch at home or at school during free periods.

ALSO study vocabulary via Quizlet - sign in so I can see your activity!

DOWNLOAD the APP to your mobile devices if you haven't done so already.

FYI - Your test next Wednesday:

Part I. Matching: 
20 Wordly Wise Vocab Lesson 7 & Lesson 8

Part II. Word Bank and Quote ID
10 Macbeth Vocab - Quotes selected from Quizlet!

Only words from the first 3 Acts.

Part III. Passage analysis - 3 passages:
Explain the significance of any 3 of the previous quotes from the quote ID!

Note to the wise: Cyber Days

With more Snow days possible (this Thursday!), you must continue to READ - and study!

Take ownership of your learning.

You should know that some schools have turned to virtual school days online, so students can continue to learn while school buildings are closed and roads are hazardous. One article that resonated included this quote:

“It also provides them with experience in asynchronous learning, an activity they are likely to encounter after high school.”

For example, do you know what a MOOC is? Checkout free courses taught by top professors at top universities on Coursera.com and see this complete list of MOOCs.

Listen to this:

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