Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday (Post snow day)

Today we will...

1. Word Web - And Poem!
2. Share journal's in class - be sure you have a hardcopy of yours - stapled!
3. Start reading Act II in class.

Hwk for Wednesday:

Listen to: Act II Scene 1 - Macbeth's famous soliloquy

Question: What is the famous first line of this soliloquy?

Question: What line resonates the most with you?

Question: Is Macbeth mad? or is he under the spell of the witches?

Watch Act II Scene 2

Question: What imagery is created through figurative language in this scene? Give one example.

Question: What does Macbeth say about sleep?

Question: What is said about shame? How has shame and guilt played a role thus far?

Watch Act II Scene 3 (First part with porter)

Question: Why does this scene follow Act II Scene 2?

Question: What does drink do according to the porter?

Question: How is Macduff cast? What is his attitude toward the porter?

Please write your answers in complete sentences - either in your notebook by hand or typed.  

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