Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scene Comparison "Out Damn Spot" - Act V Scene 1

What affect does guilt play on the mind of Lady Macbeth?

Great commentary on this scene in the documentary Macbeth Uncovered - at minute 40-43.

Read about Lady Macbeth and OCD:

"One is that OCD sufferers have a dysfunctional feedback mechanism: Their washing is meant to prevent harm to themselves and others, but they never get the signal that’s it’s worked—and that they can stop washing. They have a persistent sense of incompleteness, so they continue the moral cleansing. These findings suggest that the cleaning did lead to a sense of completion and relief—even if the effect is short-lived. The next step might be to help OCD patients develop more realistic and relevant ways of coping with guilt and moral threat, so that they—unlike the miserable Lady Macbeth—can break the cruel cycle of guilt and compulsive hand washing."

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