Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Snow Day: For class/homework Today...

1. You should have finished your second Journal.

2. You can work on your Third and Final Journal:
Thoughts from your character's point of view on ACT V

3. Watch 30 minutes of this documentary or the whole thing if you are bored:

 Actor Ethan Hawke researches the part of Shakespeare’s murderous Macbeth.

On Netflix - or click here for full episode on PBS...

Great questions from the Teacher Viewing Guide:
  • Is the play’s action driven by Macbeth’s human-ness or by supernatural evil?
  • Does Lady Macbeth turn her husband into a killer, or does he possess that power himself?
  • What is the psychology of grief?

4. Review old blogs...Watch other versions of Macbeth that you haven't seen yet!


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