Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fire Alarm: Homework for Thursday - Pick a poet!

Z Block: 

The fire alarm blew up today's lesson in the computer lab.

Here's what you need to do between now and tomorrow.

1. Create your set - a list of 50 words that stretch your knowledge. Delete the slam-dunks (words you know - unless you find an interesting definition/synonym

2. "Auto-define" - I suggest you select synonyms that expand your vocabulary.

3. Save your set of 50. Share it with the class.

4. Then select "More Tools" and click "Embed"; then, click your "Flashcards"

5. Copy and paste the HTML for "Flashcards" to the your last post - be sure you're in HTML - and NOT "Compose" mode. See below:

HOMEWORK - For everyone!

1. Do the above.

2. Follow your classmates. See the class blog. 

3. Review your vocabulary lists - and the 30 poetry terms.

4. Check out these poets below. 

TOMORROW - you will select the poem and poet from this list of 17 remaining below:

All of these are in your book:

Introduction to Poetry edited by X. J. Kennedy & Dana Goia:

1. Shakespeare, "Shall I Compare Thee..."
                                           Other sonnets: Collins, "SonnetArnold, "Shakespeare"
I will cover Frost...
2.  Frost, "Out, Out-"

3. Roethke, "My Papa's Waltz"

4. Sexton, "Her Kind"

5. Olds, "Rite of Passage"(with Audio)

6. Williams"This Is Just to Say"

7. Eliot, "The Winter Evening Settles Down"

8. Tennyson, "The Eagle"

9. Rich, "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"
(Text from Prof. Al Filreis English 88 Modern & Contemporary American Poetry)

10. Browning, "My Last Duchess" (with Audio)

11. Plath, “Metaphors” (with a paragraph of analysis)

12. Lawrence, “Piano

 Feel free to email me and claim your poet ASAP - and call dibs!

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