Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's the tone of the Poem? Adjectives A-Z


Admiring Afraid Aggravated Aggressive Agitated Allusive Angry
Apathetic Apologetic Appreciative Argumentative Arrogant
Assertive Assured Audacious Authoritative Awestruck

Bilious Bitter Bland Blithe Bombastic Boring Brash Breezy

Calm Cantankerous Casual Caustic Cheerful Childish Coarse 
Cold Colloquial Complacent Complimentary Condescending
Confessional Confiding Confused Consoling Contemptuous
Contentious Contented Contradictory Critical Cross Cynical 

Dejected Deliberate Depressed Desperate Detached Disagreeable
Disappointed Disgusted Disinterested Dismissive Doleful Dour
Dramatic Dreamy Dutiful 

Ecstatic Elegiac Encouraging Enthusiastic Euphoric Excited 

Facetious Fanciful Fearful Fervent Frenetic Friendly Flippant Frivolous 

Galvanizing Giddy Grateful Gracious Gregarious 

Happy Harsh Hating Haughty Hesitant Humble Hollow Horrific Humorous Hurt 

Illusory Impassive Impish Indignant Innocent Inquisitive Instructive Ironic

Joking Joyful 

Laconic Lighthearted Loud Loving 

Macabre Manipulative Melancholy Miserable Mocking Modest Morbid 

Naïve Negative Nervous Nihilistic Nostalgic 

Objective Obsequious Opprobrious 

Panegyric Paranoid Passive Patronizing Peaceful Pedantic
Penitent Persuasive Phlegmatic Pleading Pleasant Poignant
Politic Pretentious Prosaic Proud Provocative Punctilious 

Quaint Querulous Questioning Quiet Quotidian 

Restrained Ribald Romantic Rancorous Raucous 

Saccharine Sad Salacious Sarcastic Satiric Scornful
Seductive Sentimental Serious Sharp Shocking Silly
Sly Smug Somber Soothing Sour Superficial Superior
Supportive Surprised Sweet Sympathetic

Tautological Tempestuous Terse Tired Tortuous Truculent 

Uneasy Uninterested Upset Urgent 

Vehement Vexed Vibrant Vitriolic 

Wanton Whimsical WistfulWry

Zany Zealous 

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