Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finishing Cuckoo!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

HWK for Thursday:

Start your 3-Part Journal - a 1st person narrative in a character's "voice" (of your choice).

       1. Journal entry early in the book - use a key quote
       2. Journal entry towards the end - use a key quote
       3. Journal entry alternative ending

Be creative, be true to the story, be specific - use diction that is true to your character.

Include a few Kesey-eque similes that tap into the senses of your readers.

In-Class: Computer Lab 2nd - floor full period to write...
HWK: Finish your 3-Part Journal.

Journal Due Friday - Post to edublog and submit hard copy in class:
3 pages, MLA format header, double spaced, Times New Roman font

Friday In-Class: Review for Test

Test Monday

Part I. Ten Quote Identifications: Character and audience.

Part II. Passage analysis: 5 of 7 longer quotes which you will explain the significance.

Part III. Short essay

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