Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HWK for Thursday:

Don't surprised if there's a daily 5 minute quiz to see who has been naught or nice...

Be sure to do the homework!

Homework for Thursday: 

1. Finish reading "Stave 1" (to page 52) in A Christmas Carol (Online text)

2. Google - Charles Dickens - What did you learn?
                Bring three interesting facts to class:
                         A. Fact about his Bio
                         B. Fact about his Times (Victorian England)
                         C. Fact about A Christmas Carol - sorry if this is a spoiler, 
                               but most of you are quite familiar with the plot already.

3. Take a few minutes.... and Study Vocabulary from Stave 1:

Try a practice test:

Also try this.... Grammar Pretest - Know thyself...
And know what you don't know (especially when it comes to grammar).

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