Friday, December 6, 2013

To Be Continued...STUDY GUIDE for Test Monday

Please check back here tomorrow afternoon (Saturday).
Enjoy your Friday night. See a movie. See previous posts.

For now check out these links, especially if you missed class...

1. - What is your favorite quote? Some of these may be on the test.

2. - Our room number is 753258. Again, some of these may be on the test.

3. What is the difference between a reference and an allusion? Harding makes a reference while McMurphy makes an allusion. How are they significant in their own way?

4. Throughout the novel, Kesey makes biblical allusions. What diction does he use?
Be sure you know examples (quotes) from the novel.


Opportunity to learn more...

A. Here's a great Quizlet list of biblical allusions - No, these will not be on the test, but how many do you know?

B. Take this quick quiz on Commonly Confused Words - it will give you the answers after you submit your answers. You should know all of these by now! And no, it's not on the test.

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