Thursday, December 12, 2013

HWK for FRI:

READ A Christmas Carol through page 80 (ten pages into Stave 3). 

For Monday, I am going to ask that you finish Stave 3 & 4 to page 100.

On Tuesday's Snow day, after spending the morning grading in a coffee shop, I  walked from my neighborhood in Fishtown to City Hall in Center City.
Along the way, I snapped a few pictures - this was taken on 12th St. near Spring Garden.


1. In Stave 2, Scrooge wonders, "Was it a dream or not?"(54). Does Scrooge believe it is a dream or does he believe in the supernatural (as possibility in reality?? Make an argument.

2. Who visits Scrooge in his bedroom in Stave 2? What does reclamation mean?

3. What does Scrooge say about Fezziwig's power?

4. What does ubiquitous mean? How is it used in the story?

5. Watch today's BBC Animation of Dickens' Biography again. Dickens was born in _____________(year)  and died ___________________(year). What detail about his life do find most interesting?

Westminster Abbey


Stave 2 Vocabulary

Stave 3 Vocabulary

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