Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day! Remember to bring A Christmas Carol to class tomorrow.


I hope you had a chance to sleep in and enjoy the beautiful snow day!

I've been camped out at a coffee shop, grading your journals and tests. 

I hope to have them back ASAP! 

In the meantime, as I grade, I am noticing a number of things we need to review... See below!

Here's a couple classic comics for fun:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meets Calvin and Hobbes!

And one from Gary Larson's Far Side:

I know it's a snow day, and a "day off" but try this Grammar Pretest - Know thyself...
And know what you don't know (especially when it comes to grammar).

A few links to visit:

The Art of Sentence Styling (PDF of the book)

Commonly confused words - as well as misspellings:

I had to Google this one...

Coarse and Course

Have to know:

Take this: On-line quiz 

Please, take this quiz - I insist!

(I am embarrassed by my score; I will tell you mine, if you take it and email me your results!)

More fun Snow Day comics from Calvin and Hobbes!

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